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A wellcoming place for all ages.

A long time ago, as I was looking for my vineyard, I was brought to stay in many B&Bs, mainly in the South-West of France. I met interesting, amazing and exciting people. Some have now become friends.

They weren’t only good surprises but they nevertheless remain quite vivid. I still remember a particular one in the Gironde, between Sauveterre de Guyenne and The Réolle. An old and austere farm where the cotton sheets, a little bit rough, smelt of starch like at my grand mother’s. We went back there several times and got on well with the owners who incidentally were also ran a guest table. We really enjoyed these moments and I can remember them as if it were only yesterday. Many others are still there for ever in my memory.

I didn’t stay in many cottages which were adapted for long stays rather than for a night. Nothing to compare with then. So, let’s come back to Frévent.
The cottages, although warm and comfortable, are definitely functional to fit with any kind of stay whether for business, family or leisure.

By contrast, the B&Bs are more for entertainment. Classified as “4 épis”, they are characterized by an unconventional architecture, adjoining the owner’s home and offering complete discretion.

Same guarantee for our treehouses. Hidden in deep forest, you can’t see them from the main building. With this sort of vegetation, the atmosphere feels Amazonian , the only missing are monkeys or cockatoos to feel really like an adventurer in an elementary forest !

When it rains, the sound produced by the falling drops through the leaves is a real musical concert. You easily understand what children, or the child in all of us, feels there : this world belongs to them.

You will notice that all these accommodations complement each other very well. Imagine grand-ma and grand-pa, comfortable in a cottage, having the opportunity to be with their children in a B&B and their grand-children in a treehouse, or whatever. Make up your mind !









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