Family cabin  :  L’escarcelle  

 2 to 5 people

Built in three phases :

Everything begins with the selection of the tree by the foresty expert.

Two men looking like journalists arrive with a little notebook in their hand, and a camera around their necks. They look around them at the top of other trees like me. While one of them says  ‘yes’, the other one seems to say ‘no’. Then, both of them turn towards me, approach and touch me with a satisfied agreement. My fate is sealed. I am going to be a foundation for the building of a human pastime.

Afterwards, comes the construction of the treehouse.

Strong arms occupy all the area around me. Ladders, scaffolding, electric generator, as well as… a chain saw. Everything that is frightening, but it all goes very fast. The foundation square is tightened around my trunk by four points, and hanging the starting point of a big branch above. Th floor is installed on it. Strong cables are fixed at the four corners and joined to my treetop to avoid pitching. The walls and the roof are then mounted with planks and spruce uprights, but complited as much as possible with branchs and trunks taken on site. Palm leaves cover all the roof. In just one month, everything is put in place, so that from a wild lifestyle, I pass into an animated life by your presence.

Then, comes the validation of compliance with safety regulations.

Men seem to be lighter than their cases filled with regulatory files. Still, they manage to hoist themselves up to me to reach the construction area they note, measure, take photos and mainly to give recommendations! Here, everything is satisfactory… The autorisation is given and I’m ready to welcome you.


Plaform area : 20 m², including  9 m² of covered terrace, sheltered from the rain.

Installed at 7 m. Above ground, it’s accessible by a spiral staircase.

It’s furnished a double bed (140x200) fixed at 1 m. high, a single-bed (85x190) put away underneath and can be pulled out when needed, and 2 singles-beds (90x190) on the mezzanine and can be reached by an external ladder from the terrace.

It has an ecological dry toilet placed on the terrace. A private external bathroom with the name of each treehouse is available at just 250 m. It consists of a shower, a washbasin and a toilet.

It is furnished with a table and 5 wooden chairs than can easily be moved to the terrace in good weather.

In the morning, a breakfast basket is attached at the bottom of a rope which can be pulled up to the treehouse..


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