lit dans la cabane la brigandine

I can get there all the quietness I need to find the words which, I hope so, will catch your attention.

Just thinking around, looking at the moving leaves, I let my thoughts on their way without anything written in advance. I deas come to me, then they live or die. The meaning of my words can change at anytime. The silence woods allow me not to lose my inspiration. I do love this 30 m. High trees forest, right here from generations and which I’m sure they have so many stories to tell us.

The one supporting the Brigandine must have seen loads of farmers or peasants wearing wood clogs since La Bastille. For sure, I will not be the last one. I often look after him: parasites, cryptogamic attack, dryness, big cold or strong wind, anyway, I will not be able to change anything. He did’nt need me up to now, he has gone through his long life and what my opinion made of admiration.

This part of the forest could seem stressful for some of you, but it is part of my childhood, moments of wandering while hooky ( playing truant). I can’t imagine my life without these woods.

Big trees are great hiding places, for bad pupils as for thieves of anysort, hence the name I have chosen.


Plaform area : 20 m², including  8 m² of covered terrace, sheltered from the rain.

Installed at 8 m. Above ground, it’s accessible by a spiral staircase.

Chamber composed of 1 double bed (140x200) and 1 single bed ( 80x190 )

Equipment: Ecological dry toilets. A private external bathroom with the name of each treehouse is available at just 200 m. It consists of a shower, a washbasin and a toilet.

In the morning, a breakfast basket is attached at the bottom of a rope which can be pulled up to the treehouse.

Loving Cabin  :  La brigandine  

 2 to 3 people

Here is the tree I often come and shelter to write a few words. Far from home uproar,  

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