amenagement du parc

2009- Park layout

Sometimes you can meet great people, like this man, Michel, laborer by trade, who came to orchestrate the rescue of a farm trailer lying on its side in the field opposite.

Loader and tractor in action ! This tricky operation caught my attention on the way he managed his 3 sons in a quiet and exemplary controlled manner.

While others tell me about chestnut stakes too close the property, he pointed out to me some beautiful acacias in the area from which I could cut large foundation piles. I got to work following his advice and 30 master piles were  prepared, sharpened and barked. We planted them all over the 1,5 km periphery of the property. Driven more than 1 meter deep, they are the main frame of the fence. The mesh is stretched by the traction of the excavator. Hunters can’t cross over anymore, and nor can the wild boars.

Late summer 2009, the fence is accomplished. The ground water level is at its lowest. The pond mud is dry on its surface so now Michel can tackle the clearing, taking over the control of his machine while I take the tractor to evacuate the 4000 m3 of mud on the grassy part behind the buildings and at the edge of the forest.

Rotations move on till December. The water level of the pond will be right again in only 3 years, thanks to natural rainfall. In the second year, we could think about restocking fish like carp, tench and roach…

fishing is open !








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